I live in Haverford Township. Can I join the MOMS Club of Havertown-East, PA?

There are two MOMS Clubs in Haverford Township.

MOMS Club of Havertown-East includes residents in the elementary school districts of:

• Chatham Park

• Chestnutwold

• Coopertown, north and east of Darby Road

If you are not sure which elementary school district you live in, please send the VP of Membership an email at MomsClubHavertownEast@yahoo.com, and we can figure it out!

How much are the membership dues?

The annual membership dues are $20.

How do I join the MOMS Club of Havertown-East, PA?

Please contact the VP of Membership at MomsClubHavertownEast@yahoo.com. The VP of Membership will confirm your residency and send you a membership form. You may return the signed liability form and membership dues to the VP of Membership.

Before you join the MOMS Club, you are welcome to attend a General Meeting or a few events to see if it would be a good fit for you.

My child is a baby and can’t participate in activities. Should I still join the MOMS Club?

Absolutely!  The MOMS Club is all about supporting moms.  On the playground, little babies can nap in a carrier or stroller — or see if your older infant likes to swing — while you get to know some other moms. Or bring the baby to the monthly meeting or book club, knowing you can feed and diaper whenever you need to.  Little ones love watching the big kids play and pretty soon, your baby will be crawling and ready to play with the other kids!

It is also a great time to join a playgroup! Playgroups are for moms as much as for the children. It is a great way to get yourself out of the house, and the moms in your playgroup will be going through the same parenting triumphs and tribulations that you are, so you will get lots of support.

My kids are in school already. Should I still join the MOMS Club?

Yes! There are plenty of activities that are mom-centric, including book club, coffee dates, trail hikes, and moms’ nights out. You can also be a great resource to the newbie moms who are going through teething, potty training, separation anxiety, or preschool.

I work part-time or full-time. Should I still join the MOMS Club?

Absolutely! We support all moms, including moms who work outside of the house. Our calendar of events is filled with activities on different days and times. Although most of the activities take place during the weekday, we have some activities in the evenings and on weekends. Also, our Yahoo group is a great resource for recommendations on topics of interest to all moms.

I don’t live in Haverford Township. Can I join the MOMS Club?

Please contact the International MOMS Club to find a chapter near you. You can visit the International MOMS Club website or send an email to momsclub@aol.com.

What are my obligations if I join the MOMS Club?

We ask members to occasionally (typically once every two years) provide another mom a meal through Helping Hands when someone has a baby or other significant need, and to supply a snack for the General Meeting (once every two or three years).

Other than that, participation in activities and playgroups is completely voluntary. Like most things, the more you put into the club, the more you’ll get out of it. You will find that the more you participate in the club, the more you will receive in terms of support and community.

What do you do with my membership dues?

As a nonprofit organization, most of our membership dues fund service projects and charities. These include Alex’s Lemonade Stand, the Mother-to-Mother Fund run by International MOMS Club, Jared Boxes, and the Red Cross.

A certain percentage of the dues go to the International MOMS Club for administrative costs, which covers our liability.

The rest of money goes to our room rental fee for the General Meeting, kids’ crafts and party expenses, administrative incidentals such as stamps and photocopies.